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Copy and Paste

ATTENTION READER! Although this article may appear the same as 26 post game wrap ups, I promise you it contains at least 20% new material. The outcome of this game may seem familiar but portions of the material in this article are new.

Why does Jay Bouwmeester always look so surprised in all of his pictures?
Why does Jay Bouwmeester always look so surprised in all of his pictures?
Derek Leung

Oilers games this year have become a relative copy and paste. For most games, minus 14 of them, tonight was like any other night. The Oilers showed up for the first shift of the game but were pretty much lifeless for the rest of it. Tonight it was the St. Louis Blues' chance to pad their stats a little and they did it in fine fashion. Although tonight wasn't a carbon copy of their last meeting it was close enough.


Goal! Not a Goal! Goal!

Before going any further yes this was a goal. There was a bit of debate about it during the game but towards the tail end of the second intermission Mark Spector showed the review from the top angle and you can clearly see the puck go up over Ilya Bryzgalov's shoulder, hit the top mesh and drop down.

But there was a more interesting note on this play, an underlying story if you will. Right before the goal was scored there was a faceoff to the right of Bryzgalov. The reason for the faceoff was because Edmonton's 4th line iced the puck. Instead of sending out one of the top two lines to faceoff against the Oilers 4th line, Ken Hitchcock decided to keep his 4th line out there. That's a bit of a slap in the face there and I hope management picked up on the fact that real NHL teams don't see Luke Gazdic nor Ryan Jones as legitimate threats to their 4th lines.

Anyway here is the goal and a link to the net cam and overhead shot.

Click here to see the goal from both angles.

What Twitter was Saying

What Twitter said before the game:

Hmmm... seems to be a trend there.

What Twitter said during the game:

There was also a bunch of Tweets about the goal not counting but we've already covered that.

This is one I really felt needed to be pointed out for those that either a) thought Ilya Bryzgalov was going to be the Oilers answer in net or b) don't realize that goaltending on this team isn't the issue. Thanks Tyler.

What Twitter said after the game:

MSM Clueless Tweet of the Night:

This was a toss up between Jonesy complaining about how much ice time Yakupov was getting and Matty. Matty as usual wins the stupid MSM of the night award.

Three Stars

  1. Jeff Petry
  2. Nail Yakupov
  3. Boyd Gordon

So next game is against the Pittsburgh Penguins so be prepared for another great showing of talent!