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Oilers Star in Groundhog Day

Different team same story. The Ducks beat the Oilers 5-2.

Andrew Cogliano scores on a break away against Ilya Bryzgalov
Andrew Cogliano scores on a break away against Ilya Bryzgalov
Jeff Gross

My original thought was to just copy and paste my post from last game but decided that might come across as lazy and since that is how the Oilers played tonight I figured I'd give a little more effort than they did tonight.

After a "great" performance in San Jose the night before, the Oilers got the chance for a repeat performance in Anaheim and they didn't disappoint. The Oilers decided to show up for two minutes of the game but fell apart pretty quickly.



Yet again the banished one scores. His game wasn't as good as last night but no one on the team was as "good" as they were in the last game.

Tweets of the Night

Like the Oilers management has done with this team, I decided to experiment with the Tweets tonight. Instead of one or two random posts I decided to include Tweets from before, during and after the game. I really want capture how the fan base feels about this team. Hopefully this works out better than the Oilers experiment.

What was being said before the game started:

What was being said during the game:

What was being said after the game:

Star of the Game

This honour belongs to Martin Marincin, he was the ONLY Oilers player on the positive side of Corsi and played a good game for an AHL player.

Well at least the Oilers head home after this game and face a non-playoff team.