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The Fans Weigh in on Craig MacTavish's Performance

MacT's performance has never been finer.

via US Presswire

Our writing staff thought Craig MacTavish cratered with his trade for Matt Hendricks, but not so, say our readers.  We asked our readers to rate Craig MacTavish's performance as Oilers' General Manager so far. The results are below.

The question we asked was as follows:

"Rate each Craig MacTavish move on the quality of player for the intended role on a scale from -2 to +2 and the deal made to acquire the player on a scale from -2 to +2. Remember, the first question judges the quality of the player for his intended role only, and the second question judges the quality of the deal in your mind. Do your best to rate each deal at the time it occurred, without the benefit of hindsight."

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The quality of the player acquired lies on the x-axis, the quality of the deal MacTavish made to acquire the player lies on the y-axis. The trackline traces the chronological plot, beginning with Anton Belov's signing, highlighted in green, ending with the Ben Scrivens trade to the top right. The plot points are the average value, based on the system above, assigned by the readers.

746 readers judged MacTavish to have created a new peak for himself with the Ben Scrivens trade, though his quality of player peak has increased in each deal since trading Ladislav Smid.  If our readers are correct, that means Craig MacTavish has made tremendous strides to improve the team overall, and broke new ground with the Ben Scrivens trade.