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An Oilers Road Trip for the Copper & Blue

"So for those saying we aren't fans, think about this: We're going to Buffalo in February to watch the 29th and 30th place teams play." - Derek Blasutti


The Copper and Blue community is drawn together by one thing, an utter disdain for Oilers management a passion for the Edmonton Oilers. Shortly after joining the Copper and Blue, Zsolt brought up the idea of a road trip for all of the writers. As you may know already there are only a couple of writers that actually live in Edmonton the rest of them are spread throughout the province, country and even down into the United States. So a trip like this would be a great opportunity for us to meet face to face and for many, it would be for the first time.

In the lead up to the trip we needed to find a place that was relatively central to everyone and not impossible to get tickets to. So the hunt was on and we narrowed our choices down to three options Buffalo on February 3, New Jersey on February 7 or the NHL Entry Draft in Philadelphia. We had to rule out New Jersey because of travel constraints and because of the timing many of us wouldn't be able to make the draft. In the end we landed on Buffalo, but as the date got closer some people had to bow out. Ben has never really left his mom's basement before and is also allergic to direct sunlight, Alan and Derek Z. had family commitments and Scott couldn't get the time off of work. So that left four of us; Ryan, Derek B, Jeff and Zsolt. Ryan and Zsolt will be travelling east to Toronto to meet Derek on Sunday, from there the three of them will then travel down to Buffalo to meet up with Jeff.

The four of them will be going to the game on February 3 but will arrive in Buffalo the day before to catch the Super Bowl. They may also be visiting one of Buffalo's up scale establishments as recommended by Jeff. They will be Tweeting the experience through out the entire trip. If you want to catch all of the action can follow any one of them on Twitter (@ryan_batty, @dawgbone98, @NewWaveOil or @OilFanInYYC). If you are at the game and want to say hi just look for the 4 guys sitting together wearing Oilers Omark jerseys or you can just Tweet at them.

P.S. Since The NHL Entry Draft has become the new Stanley Cup Finals for Oilers fans it hasn't been completely ruled out for other members of the crew. Derek will probably be there because he is relatively close to the venue and I know that there was also some interest by other writers as well. So keep an eye out for future posts on that event.