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Pro Team Beats a Junior Team

The Sharks school the Oilers by beating them 5-1

Maybe one day the Oilers will be as good as the Sharks
Maybe one day the Oilers will be as good as the Sharks
Ezra Shaw

So the Oilers played the team most fans had hoped the Oilers would be by this point but alas they aren't even close. After a decent (I use the word decent very loosely) start to the game the Oilers just fell apart. After allowing 2 quick goals towards the end of the first period the Sharks just kept pouring it on and the Oilers just sat back.

In an effort to be more positive, since I've been accused of being too negative, I'll point out some of the positives. So here you go:

  • Oilers haven't allowed a power play goal against in 2014
  • Oilers haven't allowed a short handed goal against in 2014

That's about it for positives from this game.


Oilers Highlight - Nail Yakupov

This goal was quite nice. A strong second effort by the recently banished made the game a little more bearable.

As a compliment to this goal, Nail Yakupov was just one of two Oilers on the positive side of Corsi tonight, the other was Jordan Eberle.

Tweet of the Night

And this one as well.

I love the Edmonton media so much (for the Sheldon's of the world that is sarcasm). They have no clue but yet they are the ones feeding the majority of Oilers fans. Can someone point out to Derek Van Diest that Corsi won the game tonight.

Three Stars

Tonight we go to Twitter for the three stars:

Hey and at least we get to experience this again tomorrow!