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Ben F'n Scrivens!!!

Ben Scrivens stops 59 shots to record his first shutout as an Oiler in a 3-0 win!

Ben Scrivens makes one of 59 saves
Ben Scrivens makes one of 59 saves
Derek Leung

The Oilers took on a formidable foe in the San Jose Sharks and they schooled the Oilers. The only thing is that "The Professor" was in and he had the class under control. Ben Scrivens was f'n amazing he face 59 shots against one of the best teams in the NHL. The shots he faced weren't just point shots or dump ins, they were some great shots that made the Oilers defence look like crap. But a win is win and what a great team to get a win against.

The Oilers Corsi on the night was the worst that they have had all year they allowed 100 Corsi event against! 100 that is f'n crazy! But they won so Corsi must be wrong.


All You're Getting is Scrivens

The Oilers scored 3 goals and Taylor Hall was in on all three but really there is only one star in this game. I'm not even going to comment on these I'm just gonna show you the highlights. The last time I saw this kind of goaltending was when Curtis Joseph was still an Oiler.

There was just too much beauty from Scrivens tonight. That is pretty much all you're gonna get.


Up Next

The Oilers get to face the Boston Bruins in Boston on Saturday. Of course this is going to be another tough game. Hopefully the Oilers defence shows a little more life than they did tonight. One can only hope.