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Help Us Grade Craig MacTavish As GM

Help us grade Craig MacTavish with our survey

via US Presswire

Craig MacTavish has some support within the Oilers' fanbase, and while it's mostly tepid overall, it's scalding hot compared to the support Kevin Lowe garners. MacTavish garners the most support among those who believe Steve Tambellini was the core issue within the organization, while he takes the most abuse from those who believe MacTavish is another member of the old boys' club working in cahoots with Kevin Lowe.

We're interested in how the crowd at large rates MacTavish's performance, and not from an overarching statement about his work to date, but how he's done over time, rating the quality of each move.

Rate each Craig MacTavish move on the quality of player for the intended role on a scale from -2 to +2 and the deal made to acquire the player on a scale from -2 to+2 in the survey below:

Link to Craig MacTavish Survey

Remember, the first question judges the quality of the player for his intended role only, and the second question judges the quality of the deal in your mind. Do your best to rate each deal at the time it occurred, without the benefit of hindsight.

Note: Judging from the first half-dozen or so responses, our readers are using the benefit of hindsight to rate each deal. Please do your best to avoid this.