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Dallas Eakins On The Perfect Game

Here's a hint: it's not about punching people.

Marianne Helm

What does a man taking questions from Edmonton sports writers look like?

gif via @iancmclaren

That is Dallas Eakins wondering why he has to answer such awful questions, and why he let Mark Spector into the post-game presser. The highlight of the gathering, however was Eakins' take on the perfect game:

"You know what the perfect game is Mark? Zero hits.

Why? Because you have the puck."

Follow the link above and watch the conference. Listen to the awkward silence in the room. I wish the cameras were pointed the other way, just to see the confused faces in the room.

Eakins expressed a concept that is diametrically opposed to the traditional "dump and chase" canard that many hockey fans, and in this case even hockey writers don't get. Possession is the basis of the entire game, and it's completely foreign to those in the room.

Eakins echoes Mike Babcock's well-known take on possession: "Puck possession is everything." I've mentioned the simplicity of the axiom previously. and the importance on getting, and keeping the puck.