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Oilers Purchase ECHL's Condors

Oilers make Condors one of their own, look to spread that winning formula all over Bakersfield and the ECHL

Joel Broda leads the Condors in scoring.
Joel Broda leads the Condors in scoring.
Richard Wolowicz

(Editor's note: this post will be sprinkled with tweets about prospective name changes for the Condors now that the Oilers own the club outright.)

The Oilers have purchased the Bakersfield Condors of the ECHL.  They own the Condors, free and clear.  That sounds exciting, doesn't it?  They now own a pool of talent one ladder rung below the Barons, and a good franchise would hopefully be able to help blossom ECHL-level talent into something that might have a chance to play in the NHL someday.

The first thing I thought of when I heard the team was purchased was "I wonder how many 20 year old former Oil Kings can we cram onto one squad", and I genuinely began to worry that Bakersfield would be home to a bevy of twenty year-olds with fourth line aspirations.

My fears were utterly fatuous, for if Oiler prospects are in Bakersfield, that puts them two steps away (instead of one, and hopefully a contract) from the NHL.  It's at least an extra piece of paper, and we know how the Oilers are with regards to rules and things like that.

Welcome to the family, Condors.  Like a second marriage, this time it's for real.