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"Lowe Must Go" Campaign Reaches Hilarious New Heights

Front office performance becomes public spectacle

Bruce Bennett

The "Lowe Must Go" campaign has been building very slowly on Twitter #lowemustgo for some time, however fan frustration has boiled over and turned the campaign from online sniping to full-out public griping.

Photos posted to Twitter yesterday showed an on-street protest in the form of a trailer-hauled sign parked in front of the Oilers offices:

It wasn't a tow that the man who delivered the sign had to worry about:

He was arrested given a stern talking to for his actions.

Late last night, the long-rumored "Lowe Must Go" billboard hit twitter,

As well as the location of the billboard:

Better shots were posted later, showing the Facebook page for the campaign, which currently stands at 13,300 likes.

Some members of the Edmonton sports-writing crew, a group that typically mollycoddles the Oilers and especially management, are speaking up:

The campaign against Oilers' management has moved from blogs to billboards and public sentiment is shifting. Vocal defenses of the management team are few and far between now, and it seems only the true pollyannas are still making excuses for Kevin Lowe and are willing to give Craig MacTavish more time.

The shift in public sentiment was certainly the cause of Daryl Katz' ill-conceived and poorly-written letter, and the appearance of protest signs and highly-visible billboards serves only to increase the pressure on the Oilers management team. Kevin Lowe has never been one to acquiesce, often choosing to double-down, so both his and Katz' reactions should be a treat.