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Oilers: You're So Special

The Oilers special teams help lead them to another loss. This time against the Winnipeg Jets 3 - 2.

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

The Oilers' special teams were decent and sucked all in the same game. The PK played relatively well and by well I mean that they didn't allow a goal against. The power play on the other hand looked horrible yet again. At first glance the power play looked all right after Jordan Eberle scored a goal on the Oilers third power play opportunity, but then the real Oilers showed up and the Winnipeg Jets were able to draw even on a short handed goal. After the game went to overtime the Jets were able to capitalize 4v4 and win the game on a bad Jeff Petry turn over.

Before I go further let me point out just how special the Oilers are. They allow 3 short handed shots against, blocked 1 short handed attempt and the Jets missed the net 3 times short handed. That is 7 short handed shot attempts against. For the record Nail Yakupov was injured today so could take part in the game. Maybe Dallas Eakins might want to revisit who or what is the problem on the team.


The Game Winning Goal

The GWG was Jeff Petry's fault but he wasn't the only one to blame. Don't get me wrong I think Petry is a valuable player but like most of the defence on this team is playing too high up in the depth chart. Petry needs a number 1 defenseman to play with.

Petry tries to force Blake Wheeler to the outside but loses him when Wheeler spins. Once Petry loses Wheeler he is allowed to walk in untouched and almost scores but hits the outside of the net. As Petry follows Wheeler his skate trips Anton Belov and Belov gets dumped into the net. Petry tries to clear the puck but is only able to get a piece of it and it lands on Wheeler's stick. Meanwhile Belov is still in the net and can't cover his check, Jacob Trouba but where are the forwards? Hall tries a last ditch effort but can't get there in time and Gagner just floats like you'd expect him to do. The puck goes to Trouba and that is all she wrote.

Bryzgalov Goes for a Skate, Again

I wanted to add another video clip here of Ilya Bryzgalov on the Dustin Byfuglien not once, not twice but thrice did Byfuglien try the same move and each time Bryzgalov got lucky. Too bad because didn't have any of the clips available but trust me Bryzgalov got lucky.

What Twitter was Saying




MSM Fail of the Game

This came right after Eberle scored on the power play. It was almost like Gregor was foreshadowing what was about to happen.

For what it's worth, Gregor is wrong the PP woes have been as bad as advertised.

Three Stars

I'm tempted to give Nail Yakupov and Ales Hemsky the top two stars for getting injured and not having to play this game. The score may have been close but the game really wasn't that close at all. The list below are the guys that actually made some difference when they were on the ice.

  1. David Perron
  2. Mark Arcobello
  3. Ryan Smyth

Next Game

Sweet the Oilers get to play the Vancouver Canucks at Rexall Place! The Canucks have been struggling as of late so we know the Oilers are going to just walk all over them! YAY! (If you couldn't sense the sarcasm in that then you haven't been reading close enough.)