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What Else Can Be Said? The Oilers are Bad

The Wild beat the Oilers 4-1

Hannah Foslien

I'm done trying to sugar coat anything this team does. The Oilers lost and they lost bad. The obvious problem with the Oilers has been in net or so stupid people would have you think. So MacTavish in his infinite wisdom decided to jump start this team by getting a "number one" goalie. Surprise surprise Ben Scrivens, who hasn't allowed more than 3 goal against this season, allows 4 on 33 shots! Maybe, just maybe the issue has never actually been in net. This team needs defence and it needs it badly!

This team sucks! When an "offensive powerhouse" like the Minnesota Wild can score 4 goals then there are major defensive issues.

Anyway onto the game.


Choose Your Own Adventure

I am going to show all 4 of the Minnesota goals against you choose which one was the best/worst. Enjoy!

What Twitter was Saying

Before the Game

Hey look it's a hockey "insider" tweeting about the Oilers.

During the Game

After the Game

Three Stars

Next Game

The Oilers play this Saturday against the Jets it probably the weakest competition they've faced in a while. Hopefully they have at least a SOL in them.