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Just When You Think He Couldn't Get Worse...

Ales Hemsky gets a call from Steve Tambellini's Butt

uhhhhhh, what?
uhhhhhh, what?

I'm not sure how I missed this at the time, but it's definitely worth recapping for others in the same boat.  It seems that everyone's favorite front office executive managed to pull off a blunder perfectly encapsulating his time in Edmonton:

It shouldn't surprise anyone that Tambellini would buttdial a player, though it comes as a shock that Tambellini can operate a smartphone.  Or, his butt can operate a smartphone.  At least now we know why Tambellini was unable to make trades to improve the team, it's not that he was dithering about as suspected before, it's that his phone was in his pocket and Tambellini was apparently unreachable.

And the fact that his butt was in charge of his phone sort of explains the last five years rather perfectly.

(h/t ScottieA)