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VOTE: Your Favorite Moment Of The Oilers' 2012-13 Season

10 nominees for best moment of the 2012-13 season need your vote.

Big E, Yak City
Big E, Yak City
Photo by Darren Kirby, via Wikimedia Commons

I asked for nominations for your favorite moment of the 2012-13 season and you delivered. While there was a noticeable Yakupov undercurrent to the proceedings, the responses were diverse. The nominees:

1. Nail Yakupov asks "Are you not entertained?"

That set the stage for another impressive goal from Yakupov. After Taylor Hall's point shot bounced into the air and Yakupov, like he did against the Kings last week, knocked it out of the air and into the back of the net. Yakupov's shot is remarkable but so far this season it's been these ridiculous hand-eye coronation moments that have gotten the most attention.

After taking abuse from the fuddy duddies and blowhards after his celebration against the Kings, this time was a bit more subdued. Yakupov chose instead to imitate Maximus Decimus Meridius:


2. Magnus Paajarvi's Dipsy-Doo, Spinning Double Into the Gap in Left

MPSs goal where he spun around beside the net with speed and tracked then hammered home a puck out of mid-air,it edged out Yakupovs goals from nearly the same spot and put in nearly the exact same way.

3. Kevin Lowe Can't Keep It Together

Mr. 6 cups getting the gears from the Edmonton sports media. He finally faced reporters other then his employees (Stauffer and Tencer). they actually asked tough questions and he almost came unglued. ‘how dare you question my abilities, i won 6 cups!’ priceless.

4. Taylor Hall, Half man, half God, half possible centaur

Taylor Hall first period hat trick against Vancouver. Because he’s a beast who can toy with mere mortals.

5. Yakupov Kisses the Crest

Oilers have lost 8 of 9 and we’re all miserable. Hawks score early in the first, but Yakupov ties it about a minute later. He celebrates by kissing the Oilers logo on his jersey. I loved that. At the end of such an awful season he affirms his loyalty to and love of his new team. I was touched.

6. You gotta lose your mind in Big E Yak City

Yak’s glorious goal, after all of the build up with the officiating and the garbage on the ice, was beautiful. And the celebration afterwards was absolutely transcendent. It was one of a pitifully small handful of genuine and undefiled happiness the Edmonton Oilers have provided me with over the last seven years.

7. Three Fingers Mordecai Yakupov

Yak started the season with a spectacular goal but, to me, ended it even better….out of the playoffs, he scores a Yak Trick by pulling his hand out of his glove on the third goal to make sure everyone knew "I score hat trick!!!" by showing us three fingers against the Canucks. Awesome. Gotta love him!

8. Climbing a mountain, one shot at a time

Despite outshooting the Avalanche 23-12, the Oilers were down 3-1 after the first. Dubnyk was pulled and Khabi came in. At the 15 minute mark of the second, the OIlers were down 4-1, but they never stopped shooting the puck. With two minutes left in the third, the game was tied and the Oilers were one shot from tying a record for shots in a game. MPS tied the record when he scored with 1:32 left, and the new record was set when Ebs hit the empty net. This team could have got frustrated and just played out the clock like we have seen too many times over the last few years. It really felt like they turned a corner and believed that they could win any game by playing 60 minutes. They showed some spirit and maturity that could lead to more big wins in the future.

9. Ales Hemsky's Slalom and Charge to the Net

The Hemsky game winner versus the Blue Jackets on March 28 was also an awesome goal.

10. The Oilers burn Calgary to the ground

Can’t believe nobody has said the 8-2 win in Calgary yet. I was at that game and it was glorious!