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I Can't Believe It's Not Blogger

They said it. Who are "they", anyways?

Dale MacMillan

A new name for the same game! It's "I Can't Believe It's Not Blogger"!

Here's how to play: There'll be ten quotes. You have to guess whether the each quote was from either A) someone who works in mainstream media, or B) someone who doesn't. "B" could be a fan, a blogger, a player, a fan, a parent of a player...anyone who isn't currently a paid member of the MSM could be "B".

The only rule? Don't cheat and search for the quote. Take your best guesses.


Answer in the comment section for each quote.

One comment for all ten quotes will do nicely, and to keep formatting nice and simple, answer all in one line.

Example: 1) A , 2) B, 3) B... and so on.


Answer "A" for mainstream media. Answer "B" for someone who isn't.

Ready to play? Here we go...

1. "Would Crosby be willing or able to check his ego at the door so Toews could captain Team Canada in Sochi?"

2. "Lu won the gold medal three years ago — better said, he didn't lose the gold medal..."

3. "If Crawford keeps playing at the level he did last year, it'll be a steal as the cap rises. He's 28, though"

4. "The Oilers went through the garbage to find Linus Omark; tell me again how Ales Hemsky isn't valuable to the 2014 Edm Oilers?"

5. "May be a red flag that @43_Kadri has been sounding off in the media over his contracts talks; may suggest lack of maturity"

6. "RNH buzzing and ripping wristshots in skate with Oil guys. Shoulder surgery looks like it worked"

7. "Backing off the "time to move on" scenario MacT painted for Horcoff and Hemsky not long ago tells me there was zero market for No. 83."

8. "Gee, Ales Hemsky didn't say "I can't tell you how disappointed I am that Craig didn't get me out of this town."

9. "...And Hall not making Team Canada...Really....C'Mon Man!"

10. "if Hemsky can accept a 3rd line role & the Oilers get him some help, he should produce but those are two pretty big ifs."


Answers will be posted in the near future.

Sharpen those number 2 pencils.

Full credit to Copper and Blue's Ben Massey for the glossy game title.