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Oilers Schedule Joint MacTavish / Hemsky Press Session for 9:00 AM

In a landmark press session, Craig MacTavish will demonstrate if the witch is actually dead, or if everything old is new again.

Christian Petersen

1260's Dustin Nielson caught everyone off-guard this evening when he announced a press session with Craig MacTavish and Ales Hemsky tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM.

Tyler's reaction was the same as the vast majority of Oilers' fans, though weird is understating it. It's an ominous Tweet, but perhaps it's so ominous because Oilers fans have lived under the Lowe / Tambellini tyranny for the last five years and have come to expect the crazy from each and every presser.

After talking through a number of options, Tyler eventually landed on one that reads like a security blanket:

While Neilson feels it will be a faux "burying the hatchet" talk on the heels of MacTavish publicly attempting to trade Hemsky:

There were a number of other suggestions thrown about as well: Hemsky asking out of his contract to play for a KHL team, perhaps HC Lev Praha; the Oilers announcing a mutually agreeable buyout of Hemsky's deal; telling Jim Matheson to stop harassing Hemsky about the order in which he departs from the practice ice; announcing a three-year extension; and the humorous suggestion that Hemsky has been named captain of the team.

What's your take? Is MacTavish about to Tambellini this situation up or is going to tell Matheson to stop talking about Drew Stafford? Something else?