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Which Edmonton Oiler Surprised You The Most?

There were few bright spots for the Edmonton Oilers in 2012-13, which of those was the most surprising?

I'm still surprised Gagner did this.
I'm still surprised Gagner did this.
Ronald Martinez

John Fischer at In Lou We Trust recently asked his readers: "...which New Jersey Devil player disappointed you the most? As opposed to the best or worst, this requires a more subjective answer as it can be taken differently by different fans." I'm going to co-opt John's line of thinking for the purposes of discussion.

Even though there were very few bright spots for the NHL franchise in a season where they finished 26th in shots for, 29th in shots against, 24th in points, 28th in Fenwick close, 19th in goals for, 19th in goals against, 30th in faceoff percentage, and 18th in penalties taken, I'll take a different tack on this one and ask the opposite:

Which Edmonton Oiler surprised you the most during the 2012-13 season?


Try your best and avoid sarcastic responses and come up with a genuine positive surprise and avoid mentioning prospects, or players in Oklahoma City.