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Which Edmonton Oiler Disappointed You The Most?

There's so much to pick from, so take your time and get to the bottom of the pile: who was the biggest disappointment in Edmonton last year?

uhhhhhh, what?
uhhhhhh, what?

This morning I asked "Which Edmonton Oiler surprised you the most during the 2012-13 season?" Today, we'll delve into the dark side - the disappointments from 2012-13. Fortunately, I can use the same set of numbers to talk about the disappointments:

The Oilers finished 26th in shots for, 29th in shots against, 24th in points, 28th in Fenwick close, 19th in goals for, 19th in goals against, 30th in faceoff percentage, 29th in home record, and 18th in penalties taken, fell apart on the ice, cycled through yet another coach, fell apart defensively, fell apart in the front office, collapsed down the stretch and failed to hit any major milestones. With all of that in mind:

Which Edmonton Oiler disappointed you the most during the 2012-13 season?


There are a litany of hockey abuses to choose from, so we can avoid talking about prospects or the the Barons. Take your time, and answer in the comments below.