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Oilers Claim Luke Gazdic

The Oilers add yet another face punching forward with 118 career fights.

Sad Photo by Candace Riley,

When we Tweeted this yesterday, I had an inkling:

The Oilers did what the Oilers do:

Here are Gazdic's career stats

I'm sure this will come up in conversation on an Oilers' broadcast, with Kevin Quinn saying something like "Ya know Louie, he has some offensive ability, he once scored 20 goals in juniors," and Louie will respond "He's a hard worker who is willing to stick up for his teammates when players start taking liberties and he's willing to go to the tough places and if you're willing to do that, you're going to score goals."  Then Quinn will alert the viewing audience when Gazdic first steps on the ice, tell us that "He's going to make his presence felt," and let us know that he's on the case by saying "We'll keep an eye on that situation."  Even Gazdic knows this:

"I'm not a skilled hockey player..."

Gazdic is added a roster that already has Ben Eager, Mike Brown, and Steve MacIntyre, so apparently, Mr. Hyde is now making personnel decisions in Edmonton.  The team is still badly in need of centres and forwards that can actually play the game, but oh well.

Let's see, nice things about Gazdic...

Gazdic is a self-described cave man, so at least he's got an honest view of himself.  His dad was drafted by the Sabres.  His brother Ben played CIS hockey.  His brother Mark played in the OHL for a few games.  He's fought 118 times since moving to major junior hockey.