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Similarities Between Linus Omark And Michael Grabner

The Panthers made a terrible mistake due to a poor pre-season. Will the Oilers do the same?

Remember this?
Remember this?
Bruce Bennett

Islanders fan garik16 had an interesting reaction to the news that Linus Omark had been waived by the Oilers:

He followed up his tweets with an article on Omark's disappointing preseason and the parallels between it and Grabner's move to the Islanders from Vancouver via Florida:

And training camp/preseason should be a place - small sample as it is - to evaluate players as they fit on your team. But it should be FAR from the end-all-be-all. Grabner probably did have a bad training camp with the Panthers that year when he was waived - he certainly looked poor his first few games with the Isles.


A bad training camp can sometimes mean that a guy just got off to a bad start - it doesn't mean he's necessarily unable to handle the NHL for your team. If your team can afford patience with such a player - either because you're loaded at other positions or because you're so bare bones that you need lots of scrappy forwards - why not take a chance on a guy who has good #s before the preseason?

Not only that, as I pointed out last month, Omark's on-ice results range from tremendous to horrific depending on his linemates, but it looks to me as though he flourished with linemates who could a straight-ahead game in support of his cycle.  His results with Yakupov aren't surprising - look at his results with Hemsky.  And in his prior appearance, he was forced to play short-handed while Ryan Jones played tiddlywinks on the other end of the ice.

In the end, Omark will likely get another shot with Edmonton if he goes unclaimed - Edmonton's forward depth is non-existent right now.  But I'm with garik - I hope someone claims Omark and gives the guy a legit shot.