The Problem With Preseason

Zack Kassian

I'm mad as hell... but I'm going to stop the spewing of my anger towards the human-donkey-blobfish hybrid meathead Zack Kassian and "players" of his ilk. It is time for a change in approach.

The NHL preseason is too long. There are too many opportunities for morons like Zack Kassian, Dale Weise and John Scott to have their way with the skilled stars of NHL teams. My proposal to the NHL, if anyone of standing is willing to carry the banner, is to shorten the preseason to ~3 games. Let teams audition blobfish meatheads on their own time and stop ruining everyone else's.

Before you think this is a bad idea hear me out. Admittedly 3 games isn't much time. So while turning the pre-season games into a shorter event, the NHL should introduce either an expanded 23 man roster for several games into the regular season or introduce a waiver exempt period. The number of games and periods would be up for debate. What this does is make the games count. If you are going to hurt your team's playoff chances then you will be deterred from acting like an idiot. If you are going to lose salary because of suspension in the regular season, there will be less incentive to act like and idiot. And if the games counted, coaches would be less inclined to ice idiots against the other teams best players.

Give the 3 pre-season games to the guys who need them. The star players. Let them get their feet wet and then audition the 4th liners in the regular season. The madness has to stop. What say you?

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