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"Welcome to the Young Stars Classic in Penticton, B.C."

Your traumatic head injury awaits.

With the latest report that Oscar Klefbom has been sidelined with concussion symptoms after suffering a shot to the head against the University of Alberta Golden Bears, the number of concussions suffered by Oilers' prospects in pre-training camp games over the last four (three in reality) now stands at four.

Klefbom's concussion follows Jackson Houck's "head injury" suffered against Winnipeg at the Young Stars Classic, at the hands of Josh Morrissey on a terribly dirty hit where Houck didn't have the puck. In previous years both Colten Teubert and Alex Plante suffered concussions in the Young Stars Classic, and the South Okanagan Events Centre has become an avenue to head injuries for the Oilers.

The frustrating part about these injuries is that they occur in pre-training camp games that have no bearing on any roster moves. Like Aisha Tyler would say: "Everything's made up and the points don't matter" - the players here aren't making the NHL club based on this tournament and it serves to expose younger players to much older and larger players (especially against U of A) and, as we've heard time and again players who are "there to serve a role".

If these teams want to showcase a bunch of dirty hacks, just do so, and leave the talented players at home.