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VOTE: The Biggest Disappointment Of The Oilers' 2012-13 Season

From the paid spokesman to the owner - who was the Oilers' biggest disappointment in 2012-13?

uhhhhhh, what?
uhhhhhh, what?

I asked for nominations for the biggest disappointment for the Edmonton Oilers in the 2012-13 season and the responses centered on the boardroom Below are the nominees:

1. Jeff Petry

"I’d say Hopkins up until the point where it was officially revealed that he had been playing hurt. So therefore I’ll say Petry." - ScottieA

2. Nick Schultz

"He was not the defensive rock the team needed him to be." - borisnikov

3. Ryan Smyth

" I thought in a shortened season that Smyth would be able to maintain a level of play closer to what we saw at the start of the 11/12 season. That didn’t come close to happening though. Maybe his season would have looked better if he hadn’t played a bunch of games at centre, I don’t know. The reason doesn’t much matter though, no matter how you slice it his season was pretty disappointing." - Ryan Batty

4. Daryl Katz

"he failed epiclly at Macro-managing his Business and we all had to watch the crappy results" - NewAgeSys

"Katz was my biggest disappointment. Should have fired them all to be safe. Instead we have no centre depth, a sad sack 4th line, top prospects walking away from the team, and Ference for 4 years, to name a few." - gcw_rocks

"Start with Katz and work your way down. The whole management team, coaches, and 1/2 of the players." - BillHK

5. Ralph Krueger

"for implementing a system that no one could consistently sustain" - vetinari

6. Kevin Lowe

"Kevin Lowe was the most disappointing Oiler" - northof51

7. Bob Stauffer and all the other paid Edmonton Oilers s[c]hills or morons in the MSM

"who think the Brown/Smithson players and trades of the world are exactly what the Oilers needed, and that Omark and Pajaarvi are tainted by daring to be born outside of Canada." - proxy