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Coyotes Season Ticket Holder Parking Fees Go From $0 To $430 For 2013-14

Predictably, fans freak out

The arena lots fill up for Coyotes games
The arena lots fill up for Coyotes games

Coyotes season ticket holders received a note informing them of some awful news:

Parking Update

Dear ,

On behalf of the entire organization, I would like to sincerely thank you for the incredible loyalty and support you have shown for the Phoenix Coyotes. We have some of the most passionate hockey fans in the entire National Hockey League here in the Valley and we truly appreciate your dedication and commitment to our team. As a season ticket holder, you are the most valued member of our Pack.

As you may have heard, as per the Coyotes new arena lease agreement with the City of Glendale, the team will be introducing a parking fee for all Coyotes games at Arena this season beginning Sunday, September 15 when we play our first home preseason game against the Los Angeles Kings.

Under the Coyotes parking plan, full season ticket holders will have an opportunity to purchase permit parking in the Coyotes premium lot located on the east side of Arena (Lot G) for $645 ($15 per game). Full season ticket holders may also opt to purchase permit parking in Lot J for $430 ($10 per game). Both of these permit parking options are specially priced for you as a full season ticket holder, and not available for the general public.

If you choose not to purchase the season permit parking, you may opt to purchase parking on a game-by-game basis either in advance or day of game. Lot G will be available for $20 through advanced purchase via Ticketmaster or $25 on the day of game. Lots J, K, A, B will be available for $12 through advanced purchase via Ticketmaster or $15 on the day of game. There will also be a $10 parking option in Lots X and Y. Valet and Limo parking are available for $30 each game.

Like you, we are all very excited about the upcoming 2013-14 NHL season and I'm looking forward to meeting you over the next few months. If you have any questions, please contact your representative...

Thanks again for all your support!


Anthony LeBlanc

Phoenix Coyotes Co-Owner, Alternate Governor

Now that someone is responsible for actually making money on the Coyotes' franchise, rather than simply bilking the city and league out of even more money (though I don't know how that's possible), the fans are going to have to "pay up".

The Twitter reaction was hilarious, but there's a much more measured and thoughtful response at Five For Fighting.

I can see how some fans are upset that parking costs 66% of their ticket.