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Summer 2013 Kristians Pelss Award Winner - Jackson Houck

Jackson Houck isn't a high-end prospect, but he does everything, including the little things, well.

Kristians' favorite photo
Kristians' favorite photo
photo by the wondeful Candace Riley

"All we can do is remember. We remember his impact on the Oil Kings, we remember his work at the World Juniors, we remember him becoming a regular in Oklahoma City, we remember how hard he skated each night and how much he drove himself to make the next level, we remember his excitement for...everything, and we remember his love of what he did. And then it hit me.

We can't do much but remember, but one way The Copper & Blue can help to keep Kristians Pelss' memory alive is to rename our semi-annual Top 25 Under 25 Longshot in honor of Kristians. So moving forward, it will be the Top 25 Under 25 Kristians Pelss Longshot award. It's not much, but it will be a reminder of the young man we miss so much."

That was our introduction to the official naming of the favored Oilers' longshot in the Top 25 Under 25, now known as the Kristians Pelss Longshot Award. The longshot is determined by the most popular answer to this question:

"Out of the group of players including Aidan Muir, Andrew Miller, Antti Tyrvainen, Ben Betker, Brad Hunt, Cameron Abney, Curtis Hamilton, Daniil Zharkov, Evan Campbell, Frans Tuohimaa, Gregory Chase, Jackson Houck, Joey Laleggia, John McCarron, Kale Kessy, Kellen Jones, Kyle Platzer, Lee Moffie, Mitch Moroz, Ryan Martindale, Travis Ewanyk, and Tyler Bunz which player is most likely to play 200 games in the NHL?"

We reached out to our readers in our fan survey. and the results are listed below:

Votes Rank
Daniil Zharkov 86 1
Mitchell Moroz 83 2
Gregory Chase 72 3
Travis Ewanyk 58 4
Kale Kessy 37 5
Jackson Houck 33 6
Andrew Miller 31 7
Kyle Platzer 24 8
Tyler Bunz 21 9
Curtis Hamilton 13 10
Joey Laleggia 11 11
Aidan Muir 9 12
Ryan Martindale 9 12
Antti Tyrvainen 7 14
John McCarron 4 15
Kellen Jones 4 15
Frans Tuohimaa 3 17
Brad Hunt 2 18
Cameron Abney 2 18
Evan Campbell 1 20
Ben Betker 0 21
Lee Moffie 0 21

Daniil Zharkov narrowly beat our Mitch Moroz, but with strong reader support for Travis Ewanyk and Kale Kessey, there exists an underlying sentiment that a low-offense, mostly physical forward is going to make the roster. One similar player not included in that grouping in John McCarron.

We asked our distinguished group of new media mavens the same question. The panelists' vote is listed below:

Votes Rank
Jackson Houck 3 1
Andrew Miller 2 2
Travis Ewanyk 1.5 3
Kale Kessy 1 4
Frans Tuohimaa 1 4
Mitch Moroz 0.5 6

Houck finished 6th in the reader's vote and 1st with the panel. 2nd place Andrew Miller finished 7th in the reader's vote.

We assigned an equal share to each survey, 50% in total, meaning each panelist had an 5.5% share overall. The final results are below:

Jackson Houck 1
Andrew Miller 2
Travis Ewanyk 3

Jackson Houck is our Summer 2013 Kristians Pelss Longshot.

Thanks to all of our readers and writers for participating!

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