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Omark's Success: Cycle, or Illusion?

Is Omark's success tied to linemates who know how to play off of the cycle or is it all an illusion?

I asked about a pattern I saw in Linus Omark's on-ice results and if any of my readers saw the same. The data and the question, once again:

So in the quest to find matching linemates for Omark, I went to the shot attempts data (Corsi), for and against per 60 to find more clues:

# Player SA F/60 SA A/60 SA %
10 Shawn Horcoff 59.9 44.3 0.575
91 Magnus Paajarvi 56.2 47.3 0.543
13 Andrew Cogliano 58.2 50.1 0.538
16 Colin Fraser 58.2 51.5 0.531
67 Gilbert Brule 61.1 57.5 0.515
56 Teemu Hartikainen 61.5 59.0 0.510
27 Dustin Penner 54.5 54.5 0.500
89 Sam Gagner 53.8 57.8 0.482
85 Liam Reddox 45.7 52.2 0.467
13 Eric Belanger 49.4 59.0 0.455
94 Ryan Smyth 52.4 62.9 0.455
83 Ales Hemsky 49.3 66.2 0.427
42 Ryan O`Marra 31.7 63.5 0.333
28 Ryan Jones 36.0 75.5 0.323

I think I see something, though I'm not sure if it's real (especially given the minute sample sizes we have) or if it's confirmation bias at work. So does anyone (Copper & Blue writers need not apply!) else see a common thread to the linemates Omark enjoyed success with during his time in Edmonton?

It could all be in my head, but I swear I can see a pattern of success with forwards who utilize the cycle as part of their repertoire. He's marginal to extremely bad with players who aren't strong cyclists. Yes, there are outliers (Cogliano), but we're trying analysis by extremely small sample size, so we're going to see weird things, and maybe my pattern is just a coincidence. After all, small sample sizes can see some whacky results.