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Taylor Hall Will Score __ Goals in 2013-14

Using the giant numbers machine to predict Taylor Hall's output this season.

Dave Sandford

Sorry for the video post, but it's good to practice in the off-season, especially for a video we're going to use pretty often in the coming season. How often will we use Taylor Hall's goal video? To the number machine we go:

Hall's a shot machine, as evidenced by his place among some of the offensive giants of the NHL post-expansion. And his peers who weren't traded in the following three seasons produced a 14% increase in their shot rates. I think 14% is much too conservative, but we'll stick with it for academic reasons.

Hall has generated 3.2 shots per game to this point, and a 15% increase works out to .48 additional shots per game, or 3.68 shots per game total. If Hall plays 75 games in 2013-14 and shoots near his career average of 11.9%, Hall will score 33 goals in 2013-14, noted below:

2013-14 (proj) 75 3.68 276 0.119 33

33 Cannonball videos queued up for the coming season.