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Let's Play A Game - The Answers to Who Said It?

Yesterday, you made your choices. Today, we reveal the voices.

In yesterday's post, I took ten quotes from the internet. Your job was to figure out if a paid journo said them or not.

Here are the results. (Remember, if you answered "A", you guessed the quote in question was a member of the press. If you answered "B", your guess was that a fan, a blogger, a player's parent, or someone who wasn't a member of the press owned those words.)

1) "How about Kadri pays his dues? That would be a novel concept. Take $2.5M for one year and show last season not fluke."

This was Jim Matheson of the Edmonton Journal. "A" is a correct answer here.

2) "For our (Edmonton's) 1st round pick they'd (the Leafs would) give up Joe Colborne"

This is Twitter user Ian Comeau. If you guessed "B", you're right.

3) "I was looking forward to (Ryan) Smyth getting inside Teemu Hartikainen's head, to get him to play every shift like it was his last, to play more of a 200-foot game than just a cycling game, but Hartikainen decided he'd rather play in Russia, the second best league in the world, which seems a cop-out for a kid who isn't Russian, but maybe that's just me."

This is also Jim Matheson of the Edmonton Journal, and I've got to admit, this one rustled my jimmies quite a bit. This quote was taken from an article he wrote this past Sunday. If you got both 1 and 3 right, you know your Matty pretty well. An answer of "A" is correct.

4) "Before Oilers sign Mueller, Grabovski, whoever, I they do video analysis of EVERY shot for/against for each guy in 2013. Due dillegence."

This is David Staples of the Edmonton Journal. Another for the "A" column.

5) "I'm really surprised someone hasn't pushed hard for Grabovski yet. With RNH & Gagner, I don't see how he's interested in the Oilers"

This is Twitter user John Klappstein. If you guessed "B", you're on target here.

6) "Slightly shocked Rob Schremp didn't get a look in the NHL after last 2 seasons"

This is Twitter user Cory West. Two in a row for the "B" column.

7) "Not sure why folks are sounding the alarm over Leaf payroll situation. Lots of options, no rush to make a decision today."

This is Damien Cox of the Toronto Star. Back to the "A" column here.

8) "Ultimate circumvention as Devils make most of (Ilya Kovalchuk's) 6.7m cap disappear. Wonder if MVP Ovie tried same stunt as what the NHL position would be?"

This is Sportsnet's Nick Kypreos. This quote was taken about five weeks ago when Ilya Kovalchuk walked away from the NHL. Another for the "A" column.

9) "Hey Dave Nonis: Steve Mason has a better pedigree than James Reimer and costs should trade for him."

This quote is from Twitter user Math Happens. If you chose "B", you'd be correct.

and finally...

10) "Toni Rajala certainly opened up some eyes this season. Skates better, hungrier than Linus Omark. Look forward to seeing him at training camp."

This quote is from 630 CHED and Oilers employee Bob Stauffer. I figured I'd give you an easy one to finish with. An answer of "A" would get you a tick mark here.


1) A

2) B

3) A

4) A

5) B

6) B

7) A

8) A

9) B

10) A

So, how'd you do?