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Teams Similar To The Oilers

The 2012-13 Oilers kept some rotten company.

Rick Stewart

Corey Sznajder looked at teams most similar to the Hurricanes at his site Shutdown Line, with a detailed analysis of what went wrong in Carolina last season. For fans of other teams, the highlight of the article is the Corsi For, Corsi Against plot for all 30 teams in the league.

If you want to skim the article, the essence of the plot is top left bad, bottom right good. The team located in the top left corner? Your 2012-13 Edmonton Oilers. The team most similar to the Oilers on Corey's plot is a team in the midst of a rebuilding fire-sale tear-down reboot, the Buffalo Sabres.

I've defended the 2012-13 team and given everyone a mulligan based on the short season, Ryan Whitney and The Krueger Efffect. However, the Oilers have been really bad at even strength for a very long time, in fact the best the Oilers have been since 2007 is 8th-worst in the league.

Dallas Eakins has his work cut out for him.

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