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Bob Stauffer & Linus Omark, Lost In Translation

The hired voice of the Edmonton Oilers says Omark is not an NHL player. He's wrong.

Dale MacMillan

There were rumors that Linus Omark was in Edmonton this week, presumable to meet with the Oilers. The rumors were never substantiated, but the conversation on Twitter focused on his "appearance" in Edmonton. Oilers' employee Bob Stauffer responded to the clamor:

If you'd like to read detailed explanations as to why Stauffer is totally in the wrong, check out the stories below

Rather than re-hash any and all of the arguments in the Omark debate like scoring chances, teammates, the power play and any and all listed in those stories, we'll put this in a very simple manner, one that anyone can understand:

Linus Omark 0.46
Ryan Jones 0.33
Ryan Hamilton
Jesse Joensuu 0.22
Ben Eager 0.21
Mike Brown 0.09