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Jordan Eberle's Comparable Possibilities

We've got Dave Andreychuk & Paul Kariya, what do we have in Jordan Eberle?

Frederick Breedon

We've found Sam Gagner tracking closely to Dave Andreychuk and Taylor Hall acting the part of Paul Kariya. The next most interesting comp on the roster is everyone's favorite gap-toothed right wing, Jordan Eberle.

Before running the comps for Eberle, I picked out four names that I guessed would be close comparables for at this point. When I ran through the numbers, I found one who was in Eberle's comp group, one out in front of Eberle, one trailing behind and one that couldn't be compared. Oops.

The public perception of Eberle likely surpasses his results, so who might be encompassed in his group? His comp group stretches much further back into NHL history thanks to his debut at age 20, so stretch your mind and your history books.

Take a moment and leave a comment with the four players you feel are close comparables for Jordan Eberle at this point in his career. We'll discuss and I'll post the answers shortly.