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Mailbag: Era-Adjusted Comps

If Sam Gagner is Edmonton's Dave Andreychuk, what in the world is Taylor Hall?

Derek Leung

In my look at Sam Gagner as part of our Top 25 Under 25 series, I focused on era-adjusted comps which prompted a question from longtime reader Mark:


Those comps for Gagner are great. He's not nearly the player Andreychuk [was], but he'll be a good second [liner] for a long time. Do you have the same thing for Hall? I know Scott picked [Patrick] Marleau but is that still the closest?

First thing's first - Hall, health notwithstanding, has surpassed Marleau by a significant margin at this point in his young career.

Second thing - before running the comps for Hall, I picked out four names that I guessed would be close comparables for Taylor Hall at this point. When I ran through the numbers, I was way off. The exercise got me wondering - what is the public perception of Hall at this point?

Take a moment and leave a comment with the four players you feel are close comparables for Taylor Hall at this point in his career. We'll discuss and I'll post the answers shortly.

*Why do so many people address others by their last name? Is this a generational or geographic thing?