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Forecasting Jordan Eberle's 2013-14

A lot of number crunching has been done about this guy. So what does a full year of a healthy Jordan Eberle really look like?


It's been one shortened season since Jordan Eberle's massive 34-goal, 76-point flurry. Once all the numbers were in, those with a penchant for statistical breakdown began analyzing how and why Eberle hit such a lofty milestone so early in his career.

One didn't have to look very far to get a big piece of the puzzle. More specifically, Jordan Eberle had an 18.8 shooting percentage over the 2011-12 season, which was likely ignored during Eberle's contract negotiations.

An enormous amount of time has been spent on Jordan Eberle's perceived worth to the Oilers. Tyler has invested countless hours in pulling the numbers apart over a series of posts, and if you've been around this website for a minute or two, you likely know that Jordan Eberle is sort of a hot button issue.

I'm a simple man. I like pretty, dark haired women and breakfast foods. And because of my simplistic approach to life, I assumed that the great Jordan Eberle season of 2011-12 was also regarded by a fair majority as something of a statistical blip on the comet tail that is the NHL, and that Jordan Eberle was someone who would be a consistent (if not elite) point producer for the Edmonton Oilers for at least the next six years - even if it wasn't at a clip of 76 points over 82.

I mean, really. He's not going to score at a clip of a goal per five shots over his entire career. Right?

The internet is like the Wild West, except with less guns. When asked how many points I thought Eberle was capable of putting up in 2013-14, I went a little higher than I wanted to (remember, I'm an optimist) and said 60-65.

Followers didn't quite see it as I did.

Maybe I'm out to lunch. You know, all wet. Crazy. Too long at the fair.

Let's poll it.

Feel free to explain your selection in the comments section, I'm genuinely interested in knowing what you picked and why you picked it.

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