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No Bold Moves? Relax.

MacTavish's "bold moves" were promised, but none were found on draft day. Relax, it's a long summer.

Gary Bettman hears movement.  It's not from the Oilers' table.
Gary Bettman hears movement. It's not from the Oilers' table.


Let's try that again.

BOLD MOVES. That's more like it.

Oh, how Craig MacTavish promised us the world. And, how dreadfully awful it was that he didn't deliver many Earth shatteringly bold moves on a silver platter in eight hours on a Sunday. What an awful GM he is. Bring me Tambellini again, at least he'd send a fourth round pick to Florida for a fifth line centre and call it a success.



Be thankful that MacTavish didn't blow anything up yesterday for the sake of making a move. Even if you're not wild about the Nurse pick, or trading down for more picks, things could have really gone off the rails.

Lucky for everyone, they didn't.

Let's take a walk back to the very recent.

Be thankful this didn't happen.

A first, a second, and a top prospect. A big sigh of relief this one didn't get done.

The Oilers don't need a starting goaltender after last year's performance by Devan Dubnyk, at least, not right now. Vancouver then traded Schneider to New Jersey for the Devils' ninth overall and selected BO HORVAT, who was a little bit of a reach.

Oh, here's the 'grit' deal that went awry from the Oilers. All it cost here was a pretty good prospect in Nino Niederreiter, who was the fifth overall pick in the 2010 NHL draft. Admittedly, Niederreiter wanted out from the Island, so trading him became a bit easier. Maybe Clutterbuck would have been an Oiler if Edmonton ponied up one of their top prospects of the 2010 draft.

Braydon Coburn didn't get dealt from the Flyers to the Oilers. While it would've been nice to have nabbed a defenceman, the deal didn't get legs. I've seen a few ideas cooked up as to what Holmgren was asking for, and if either of them contained a somewhat worthy Oilers defenceman or Magnus Paajarvi, I'd like to think MacTavish told Holmgren to go pound salt.

If you're all lathered up about drafting Darnell Nurse, I see you.

If you're upset about sending picks away for later picks in this year's draft, I see you too.

Don't be too upset that MacTavish didn't dismantle the team by sending away valuable assets for empty hamburger wrappers. This team just got rid of a guy who did that a couple months ago. You've got Friday to get all worked up about, and while I'm not jazzed up about the current crop of UFA defencemen, there's a bottom six that will need some work.