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"I’m...reasonably comfortable with the depth of our line-up."

Craig MacTavish likes the work he's done.

Frequent commenter ScottieA snagged this quote from a podcast:

"We are going to be active and open to business and listening to any and all offers that could potentially help our team, but at this point right now, when I sit down and look at our roster, I’m reasonably comfortable that we’ve made some progress and reasonably comfortable with the depth of our line-up."

"I’m ready to turn this group over to the coaches and see how good we are and I’m reasonably optimistic that we’re going to be a real good hockey team."

- MacTavish talking to podcasters Vic Michaels and Brad Barko of Bradcast Sports

Hall - Hopkins - Eberle

Perron - Gagner - Yakupov

Jones - Gordon - Hemsky

Smyth - Lander - Joensuu

PB: Brown

Smid - Petry

Ference - Schultz

Schultz - Larsen

PB: Belov, Potter



23 players and $2,648,333 in cap space.

Where does this team finish in the reincarnated Smythe Division?