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The NHL's Longest Playoff Drought Belongs To The Oilers

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With the Leafs win tonight they're in the playoffs and the Oilers are now the team with the most consecutive years on the outside looking in.


As you almost certainly know the Oilers haven't made the playoffs since 2006. What you might not know is that with the Leafs victory over the Senators tonight, that seven year streak of futility is now the longest active streak in the NHL.

It's been a tough last seven years but even with all the losing this "victory" for the Oilers isn't the kind of thing that should make the fans want to scream "We're number one!" It shouldn't be but but after seven years who knows. I know that I'm pretty much ready to take whatever I can get at this point. After all, beggars can't be choosers and we did get rid of Steve Tambellini last week.

Making fun of the Leafs and their general incompetence, much like making fun of the Flames, has been one of the few joys that Oilers fans have had in recent years. We haven't mocked because we've been better - with 30th, 30th, and 29th on your resume you're not better than anybody - but instead because we saw a brighter future ahead for ourselves. A future that would make all the losing worthwhile while the Leafs (and Flames) were still trying to be a competitive 12th place team. Unfortunately that future hasn't materialized yet for the Oilers and the Leafs have somehow turned themselves into a playoff team which is a bit of a problem.

So tonight is a sad night for fans of the Oilers, right? Well not exactly. It's not a better night night than most for Oilers fans because the team we cheer for is no better today than it was yesterday but the Leafs aren't nearly as good you might think. Looking at Fenwick Close they're actually worse that the Oilers and if the numbers hold they're on pace to be the worst team by this metric to make the playoffs in the last six years. It gets better though, the Leafs also have the highest PDO in the league. For those that aren't familiar with these terms/measures allow me to summarize for you: The Leafs are lucky. Or put another way way, they suck.

Sure they made the playoffs. Good for them. I'm sure their fans will thoroughly enjoy the two home games they play before joining the Oilers on the golf course. Don't worry about the now, worry about the future because both team are still a very long away away from being good and tonight does nothing to change that.