Oilers Management Team: Who among you is to blame?

Robert Lawton

I think I'm a pretty regular Oilers fan - scour the sites looking for info on how the team is developing, watch/listen to them when I can and cross my fingers that a rebuild will bring some competitiveness back to our team. And I believe. But this year, like all the other years, has quickly become one of finger pointing, cursing, yelling for change etc. and there seems to be a lack of information coming from the Oilers themselves, except for Krugs coming out after every terrible performance and saying " ..we're working on things, this won't happen overnight, kids put their heart into it...."

Am I crazy or is he watching a different game? And as for management, the CnB has done a great job of outlining just how weak they've been in trying to shore up the gaping holes in our program, but they've either got to have thick skin or just be doorknob-sack dumb not to see? Don't they get laughed at in the club every time they pull up for their nightly Chardonnay? And what of the young gunz and the rest of the Oilers? Where's the compete level from the entire team? Every night there seems to be at least 1 or 2 that are all-in, but what of the rest? Do they have no belief or respect for their coaches and management?

I was fully prepared for them to lose this year. (Yes, I wanted to believe that they could just come out of the gate and compete but that is a naive view given the age and position of the team.) I honestly thought the games, though, would be 6-5 instead of 4-2, 2-1 etc. with the Oil flopping around without possession and getting massively out-shot...




So where does the blame lie? I don't believe in giving up on the team and so I won't. But just once I'd like the players to come out and say "we've obviously got a lot to learn about commitment and we've quickly realized that draft pedigree doesn't give us the right to win" or the coaches to come out and say "we're not sure what to do here - we can't seem to get the players to buy into a working system and compete every night - so maybe we need a new system or some new players?" or the management to say "no one is willing to deal with us because they have a gun to our head... they know how pressed we are and they want a king's ransom for bottom tier players?" (or maybe, as has been previously implied, they could just come out and say "um... duuhhh... um..." to officially confirm to the fan base where their mental game resides.)

We are on the cusp of having an awesome team - there are so many pieces lying there. My greatest fear is that they will never unite and, faster than we can say "fire them all," they will be picked apart by other teams and we'll be left watching them develop from afar.

And, beyond the pain of watching them seemingly not want to compete each and every night, the thought of losing all that talent and potential is, like hate, almost too great a burden to bear.

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