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Mike Brown's Shift Length

Mike Brown has a tendency to get caught on the ice for long shifts.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Brown played 11:05 in the Oilers loss to the Red Wings last night. Read that again. A career goon with no discernible NHL skill played 11:05 in an NHL game. Below is his shift chart from the game.

He officially played 13 shifts, but we can eliminate the 5th shift - it was ended by a penalty. So Brown had 12 shifts that totaled 11:05. Brown averaged 55 seconds per shift.

Mike Brown led the Oilers in average shift length. Not only is Mike Brown in the NHL, not only is Mike Brown on the Edmonton Oilers, not only did they trade something of value for Mike Brown, not only is he on the active roster, not only is he in the lineup, he was put on the ice enough times to get stuck in his own end and led he Oilers in average shift length. 1:05, 1:19, 1:27 and that 2:13 is a doozy.