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Oilers Lose to the Blue Jackets...Yup...the Blue Jackets

Do I really need to say more? The Oilers lost in a shootout and were soundly outplayed by the league's worst team.

Kirk Irwin

I'm a little torn on how to proceed with this game review. I don't want to deprive readers of a thorough review of the game for those who missed it, but really, it's almost not worth it. The Oilers were lousy again.

When Dan Tencer...DAN FREAKING TENCER, who is basically a paid employee of the Oilers says the only reason they earned a single point is because of below average goaltending in a game against the league's worst team, then you know it wasn't a stellar night for Edmonton.

Possession Report via Boys on the Bus

I don't think this game requires or deserves much in the way of a recap. Magnus Paajarvi was good. Ryan Whitney scored again and Jeff Petry continued to take advantage of some regression in his favour during this road trip.

The line of Eager - Smyth - Brown was ineffective, as if that were to be surprising in some way.

For the 20th time in 22 games, the Oilers were out shot-attempted by the opposing team at even strength, this time 50-43 against the last-place Columbus Blue Jackets. Michael Parkatti, Boys on the Bus

The only really noteworthy part of the game from an entertainment standpoint was the overtime period. I've been hard on some of the Oilers' Young Gunz this season, and to be honest, I could complain about being too patient and not just putting the puck on net, but the powerplay in overtime displayed some of the reasons Oil fans love Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and Jordan Eberle. #93 made a number of simply fantastic passes, setting up Eberle for a couple of open cages only to have him not be able to convert. It was just some bad luck on Eberle's part that he wasn't able to bury those chances, but the two should have ended the game during the OT period.

The usual freak of nature Taylor Hall had a rather quiet night beyond assisting on Whitney's goal, which makes me question how he felt physically. It was widely reported he was questionable for the game with a leg injury.

My frustration with coach Krueger continued. His unwillingness to take advantage of line match-ups is handicapping his team and yet he refuses to correct the problem. Also, Nail Yakupov played fewer total minutes than anyone on the team other than Ben Eager there's that.

Overall, the Oilers came away with a single point and a shootout loss to the lowly Blue Jackets. There's not much else worth saying.

The playoffs continue to slip further and further from view while yet another nail goes into the coffin of GM Steve Tambellini. Shouldn't that damn thing have been sealed by now?