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Mike Brown vs. Ben Eager - Who Is Worse?

When it comes to on-ice performance, which one has more of an impact?

The outcome is great for both teams.  Neither player gets to play for 5 minutes.
The outcome is great for both teams. Neither player gets to play for 5 minutes.
Dale MacMillan

I mentioned on Twitter that I was struggling to find comparables for Mike Brown because his on-ice performance was so bad for so long that he's basically in a class by himself. 'Sphere regular woodguy tossed out Ben Eager as a suggestion, and was shocked (though he wasn't alone) when I mentioned that Brown was worse. Much worse, in fact. Below are the comparable underlying numbers between Eager and Brown:

Ben Eager
Mike Brown
Year TOI Corsi/60 ACorsi/60 Pdiff/60 QoC
Year TOI Corsi/60 ACorsi/60 Pdiff/60 QoC
12-13 114.24 -40.46 -35.42 -1.6 3rd
12-13 55.32 -16.26 -19.51 -5.4 4th
11-12 534.24 -13.36 -13.09 -1.5 4th
11-12 430.5 -5.99 -2.48 0.2 4th
10-11 707.88 -9.49 -9.64 -0.7 4th
10-11 419 -20.19 -17.53 0 4th
09-10 495.6 10.65 3.39 -0.7 4th
09-10 548.25 -16.2 -19.81 0.2 4th
08-09 630.75 7.42 2.05 -0.9 4th
08-09 326.4 -11.95 -14.27 -1.1 3rd
07-08 182.72 -18.37 -18.96 -0.4 4th
07-08 117.42 -29.15 -26.08 -2.1 4th

TOTAL 2665
-6.89* -41 4th
TOTAL 1897
-14.80* -8 4th

*per 60 average, not a total

Both men played against 4th line competition, though Eager played significantly more minutes than Brown. In the end, Eager is the far superior hockey player (think about that for just a second. Let that really sink in.) but his failing is in penalty differential. Brown has only taken 8 more penalties than he's drawn in the last six seasons where Eager has taken 41 more than he's drawn. In penalties alone Eager has accounted for -7 goals in six seasons. Brown has only accounted for -1 goals against, but falls apart in on ice performance.

The ice is so severely tilted when Brown is on the ice that it's befuddling he's still employed in the NHL. Brown's average adjusted Corsi/60 of -14.8 against 4th line competition over six seasons is really unparalleled, even worse than Darcy Hordichuk.

The Oilers now have all three of these players.