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Stu MacGregor Isn't The Problem

Keep Stu in place - let him keep firing.

John Grieshop

curcro is back with another draft study, this time dividing out first round draft picks from the later rounds and analyzing draft performance:

the Oilers actually perform very well in the drafts later rounds. In fact their late round success belies that they should have more success in the playoffs as you can see that there is a correlation between late round success and playoff results.

The Bluejackets drafting seems to be at least part of their problem, they have consistently had higher picks, so it is reasonable that their performance in the 1st round should be higher, but once they have those in the bag their drafting is considerably worse.

The Oilers have an opposite problem, drafting horribly in the 1st Round and well after that.

Bringing Stu MacGregor on board was a good thing, it has enabled the Oilers to at least draft 1st Round players.

MacGregor's recent later round picks leave something to be desired, but if he can get a couple of late bloomers to come around, he may be able to duplicate his performance.