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What Should Steve Tambellini Do?

(Besides resign)?

Dilip Vishwanat

No one spends more time thinking through roster moves and team development than gcw_rocks. He's involved in all of our discussions centered around the draft, free agency, trades and team building. In his contribution to our Readers Run The Show discussion, he lays out his approach to the trade deadline and using it to shape discussions as the Oilers head towards the draft and free agency.

His thoughts are shaped around around trading away impending free agents Laddy Smid, Mark Fistric, Ryan Whitney, and Ryan Jones to set up his off-season acquisition plan:

Steve-o has some significant decisions to make prior to the trade deadline. He has Laddy Smid, Mark Fistric, Ryan Whitney, and Ryan Jones as impending free agents. He has too many 6/7 defensemen. And he has to decide is he a buyer, a seller, or both. Tough situation to be in when making decisions is not your strong suit. What to do, what to do?