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The Key To Ending The Rebuild? Value.

The Oilers have a roster full of young talent, and that talent is going to cost a ton of money very soon. The key to winning now is finding value.

Kirk Irwin

So the easy part, being the worst team in the league for six seasons and drafting the consensus number one players three straight years in the entry draft and waiting on them to crack the lineup is over and done with. So what comes next for the Oilers?

Frequent commenter Zdeno's Cigar says the key to the next stage of the rebuild is finding key contributors and getting value out of them. To that end, he covets a stud defenseman, a big gritty forward, a couple of 20 minute a night defenders, one of which "is -2 on what is undoubtedly the worst team coming out of the lockout", a big forward that's never quite hit his potential, but "never been a minus player over his NHL career" and an underrated guy who will be a certain "upgrade from Ryan Jones."

Should be easy right? Probably not, which leads us into the next update in our series.