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Amateur Scouting Is Not The Problem

A reader analyzes amateur scouting and determines that amateur scouting is not the issue.

Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

Frequest contributor curcro wonders if it's the draft that's doing the Oilers in and crunches the numbers to find out:

Based on the Oilers draft skill being about 10th in the conference, the Oilers did need an upgrade in this department at this stage, but the fact that they were not worst in the league, means that there drafting during this period was not the source of their woes.

Detroit did the best job of outperforming their drafting abilities, was it coaching, development, or GM.

LA & Minnesota underperformed how they drafted the most (although LA's Cup goes along way to erasing that issue).

What about 2007-2012, it is likely too soon to make any judgements about this. But using the same criteria the Oilers are well placed. The Oilers scouting is actually doing a reasonable job picking players(many of the numbers are being provided on the backs of the chosen ones - but credit where credit is due, it is far from a complete screw up).

Leave Stu MacGregor's group alone and look to fix other internal issues, curcro recommends.