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Show Us The Path To The Oilers' Success

We're giving our readers a featured spot at the top of the blog for the next week.


Everyone's got an opinion on the best way to fix the Oilers, whether it's clear out management, sign more toughness, get good players and keep good players or tank again for Seth Jones. Because our readers are both passionate and prolix, we're clearing out a permanent (though short-term) space in our cover (the top five stories) for reader Fanposts on roster management, management decisions, the trade deadline, free agency, the draft, firing them all just to be safe, maintaining patience and waiting for 5 consecutive lottery picks of BAM! Stanley Cup.

We're interested in your opinion. We're willing to give it top-billing for an extended period and we hope the segment is ongoing.

Post your Fanpost over the next week and we'll first feature it as the top story, then fold it into this story stream for continued discussion as the trade deadline approaches and the season winds down. We expect some outstanding suggestions and interesting debate.

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