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Daniil Zharkov Catches Fire

Daniil Zharkov started slowly in Belleville this year and looked like a lost cause, or at the most, a very long-term project. But then the talented winger found a set-up man in Alan Quine.

Jamie Sabau

In the comments section of the Favorite Longshots article, Daniil Zharkov came up for discussion. C&B regular Oilerfan-atic offered up some second-hand information on Zharkov, his new linemate and his hot streak.

From the stats, it doesn’t appear Daniil gets much power play time so I have to guess he plays mainly 5v5. I only get second hand info from my girlfriend’s son who lives in Kingston and the Bulls' website; he told me he was at the Frontenac-Bulls game on January 30 in Belleville and said it was all Zharkov and Alan Quine (and bad Kingston goaltending). Zharkov had a hat-trick, one assist and was +5 and second star behind Quine, who had a goal and 5 assists and was +6.

Quine is a heck of a player with 33 points in 19 games with the Bulls and I think he’s the catalyst for Daniil’s recent success…

Here are Zharkov's splits since settling in with Quine:

GP G A P +/-
First 35 35 9 7 16 3
Last 15 15 12 7 19 11

Zharkov went from .46 points per game to 1.27 points per game with Quine. It's not just a one-way street, either. Quine, a Red Wings draft pick, had 26 points and was a -14 in 26 games for Peterborough before being traded. Over the last 15 games with Zharkov, Quine has 25 points and is a +17.

Oilerfan-atic continued:

Here’s a blurb from Quine’s recent interview (re: Zharkov):

"He’s a goal scorer," Quine said. "I just hope I can find him and he’ll put them in the net."

Zhakov’s hat trick goal (3:48 on the video) is a thing of beauty.

That was certainly a goal-scorer's goal.

The middle tier of the Oilers' prospect pool is stuck in neutral, but if you'd like to smile about something today, check this out:

Last 15 games G A P +/-
Tobias Rieder 14 12 26 11
Daniil Zharkov 12 7 19 11

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