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Atlantic Division Least Affected By Injuries, Southeast Most Affected

The Atlantic Division has been relatively healthy, the Southeast has been banged up. The Sens and Canucks are hanging on despite scads of injuries.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Our favorite UK-based blogger, LW3H, released the CHIP numbers for the first half of the season. CHIP, (Cap Hit of Injured Players), a metric developed by LW3H to measure the impact of injuries throughout the league for a given season is defined as follows:

The concept again - multiply each game missed by a player by his (annual) 2012/13 cap charge, then take the aggregate of these figures for each team and divide by 82. This indicator of value lost to a team by injury/illness is called CHIP (Cap Hit of Injured Players).

He's got the full breakdown by team up at his site Springing Malik, but here are some early takeaways:

  • The Blackhawks, Bruins, Blues, Penguins, Canadiens and Ducks are all in the bottom ten, meaning they have been least-affected by injuries. They're all at the top of the NHL standings.
  • The Wild have managed to dodge fate - they're a 46% Fenwick team, but they're moving up the standings. Part of the reason why has been health. They've been the second-healthiest team in the league.
  • The Senators have managed to hang on despite leading the league in injuries.
  • The Atlantic Division remains the league's healthiest - though the Flyers are #2, the Rangers, Devils, Penguins and Islanders are all in the bottom ten.
  • The Southeast has been the league's most banged up division - Florida, Carolina, Washington, Tampa rank 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th in the league.
  • The Oilers are 5th in the league with about 1/3 of their CHIP value coming from Shawn Horcoff's sunken knuckle. Oilers' management is also tied for the least evasive group in the league.
  • The Canucks are 8th in the league in injuries, yet still have a lead in the Northwest. The Northwest is not a good division.

He also has a breakdown of injury by type, and concussions are second on the list, just behind knees.

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