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The Edmonton Oilers Are So Bad... (Score-Adjusted Fenwick Edition)

How bad are they?

Eric T. at Broad Street Hockey compares the highest-rated Score-Adjusted Fenwick teams in the NHL over the last five-and-a-half seasons and looks at their playoff results. *SPOILER* It turns out well for those teams. Eric explains (in glorious detail) how the metric came about and how to calculate the number. In the end:

The result is a formula that I called Score-Adjusted Fenwick, which averages together how much better or worse than average a team did in each game state. This turned out to be a better predictor than Fenwick Tied or Fenwick Close, especially early in the season.

In the comments, Eric looks at the worst 10 teams over the same time frame. *SPOILER* It doesn't turn out well for Oilers fans.

Rank Season Team Score Adj Fenwick
171 ’12-13 Leafs 45.3%
172 ’08-09 Islanders 45.1%
173 ’09-10 Oilers 44.7%
174 ’12-13 Oilers 44.7%
175 ’10-11 Oilers 44.7%
176 ’12-13 Sabres 44.6%
177 ’11-12 Wild 44.3%
178 ’10-11 Wild 44.1%
179 ’07-08 Kings 44.0%
180 ’07-08 Thrashers 41.7%

Maybe Jonathan Drouin is the final piece to the puzzle.

Click through to read Eric T's article on Score-Adjusted Fenwick, here.