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Magnus Paajarvi's Ridiculous Goal Against Colorado

The kid that plays like Little Hossa left everyone breathless in Colorado

Kirk Irwin

Magnus Paajarvi's three-zone dash, drive to the net and mid-air swat against Colorado was a spectacle to behold. The play started with a very nice own-zone effort from Sam Gagner and transitioned quickly off of the stick of Nick Schultz to Magnus Paajarvi who dashed from his own zone into the neutral zone to pick up the puck and into the offensive zone effortlessly. He held off Avs' last man back Jamie McGinn with his body and swooped to the net while pushing the puck in on Avs' goalie Semyon Varlamov. Varlamov made the initial save, but as the puck popped into the air, Paajarvi tracked it and effortlessly swatted into the back of the net.

Paajarvi's outstanding play continued against the Avs - 5 shots on goal, the wondeful goal above, an assist, and a great all-zones game throughout. Paajarvi and Gagner have formed the Oilers most consistent lines on the road trip thanks to work in all three zones and sublime moves like the one above.