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Brandon Davidson Back In The AHL

Do not get in Brandon Davidson's way
Do not get in Brandon Davidson's way
via the lovely and amazingly talented Candace Riley

When we last checked in on Brandon Davidson, he was winning the fight against cancer and winning ECHL games for the Stockton Thunder on his own. Yesterday morning he was recalled by the Oklahoma City Barons:

The Edmonton Oilers assigned defenseman Brandon Davidson to the Oklahoma City Barons from the Stockton Thunder of the ECHL. In a separate transaction, the Barons released Erick Lizon from his PTO, General Manager Bill Scott announced today.

Neal Livingston was on top of the news:

Brandon Davidson, having a whale of a comeback as a Stockton Thunder defender, has been reassigned to the Oklahoma City Barons. Twelve points, including 7 goals, in a span of only eleven games is superb. Only suffering four penalty minutes in that time is also superb. Placing him inside the Barons roster provides perhaps a bit of insight into what the Oilers plan to be doing as well.

Neal goes on to speculate about a possible Oilers roster move and has an Oilers' management tidbit as well. Click through to read Neal's take at Tend The Farm.

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